Increase your Return on Marketing Investment with our Multi-Tiered Approach

If you’re like the majority of our clients you’ve reached the point in your business where growth necessitates working with an outside resource that can assist you with developing and executing a cohesive strategy tailored to your goals and objectives for your business.

We’ve created effective lead generation and marketing collateral across a variety of industries including: Apparel, Plumbing, Ecommerce, HVAC, Retail Predictive Analytics, CRM Software and IT/Managed Services, just to name a few.

Who We Are

Write Current is a content partner, based in Ontario, Canada. Skilled at researching, interpreting complex technical information and interviewing subject matter experts; we’re known for our ability to develop messaging in your distinctive brand voice and convey it in a way that is meaningful to your customers. We work with small, midsize and large businesses (just like you), all around the world, to develop and execute strategic content, social media and digital marketing plans.

Putting Your Goals Into Action

Whether you’re looking for full content, social media, digital marketing strategy development and execution, or simply content overflow support, social media/website updates and maintenance, we can help!

We’ll help you cut through the noise, and stand out with a compelling brand voice that leverages accessible and targeted content to increase:

Brand Awareness

Effectively use content to establish your brand, increase recognition and promote your products and service offerings.

Increase awareness of your brand with:

  • Blog posts
  • Industry articles
  • Social Media
  • White papers
Lead Generation

Creating targeted content at the top of your marketing funnel can increase the volume of leads in your sales pipeline. Educational in nature this content can not only improve the quantity but also the quality of your leads.

Generate more leads with:

  • Blog posts
  • Industry articles
  • White papers
  • Social Media posts
  • Lead magnets (example: guides, ebooks, checklists, etc.)

More and more, tech savvy consumers are choosing to interact online with the companies they do business with. Engaging with your customers online helps you to expand your reach, enhance customer relationships and manage your brand’s reputation.

Engage your prospective and existing customers with the following types of content:

  • Social Media posts
  • Blog posts answering customer FAQ
  • Responding to customer reviews online
  • Incorporating user generated content into your marketing program
Lead Nurturing

Not every qualified lead is ready to buy when they first come across your product and service offerings. Targeted content is an excellent marketing tool you can use to nurture leads who aren’t quite ready to purchase.

Effectively nurture your leads using:

  • Email marketing
  • Case studies
  • Industry articles
  • Brochures

Providing prospective customers with the right types of content at the Consideration and Decision stages of your buyer’s journey can help you to overcome buyer objections and close more sales.

Support your sales process with:

  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • Industry articles
  • Product comparisons
  • Product information
Customer Retention

Customer relationship development does not end when a sale is made. Nurturing existing customer relationships helps to boost customer retention and can result in increased customer loyalty to your brand.

Incorporate the following types of content into your customer retention marketing efforts:

  • Email marketing to share new product offerings, promotions, general announcements, etc.
  • Social media engagement
  • Responding to positive reviews online.

Our services include: Content Marketing Strategy, lead generation and marketing content creation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Web design and Website Maintenance.

Write Current will work with you to deliver strategic digital marketing solutions and high quality content that speaks to your customers at the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages of your buyer’s journey.

Let’s get started!

I was extremely skeptical when evaluating candidates for a very industry-specific writing task.  Jennifer came through with a surprising knowledge of not only the industry, but an intuitive understanding of how our software products worked, and just the right way to convey that to our potential customers.  Her communication skills and punctuality are excellent to boot, and her overall enthusiasm is quite welcome in this industry.  I would hire Jennifer for any writing project I needed.

Jeremy Mozlin

Content Manager, Z Brains